AC-DC Power IC - Winsemi
 CCTV Camera
 Laser diode & Module
 LED Driver IC - Winsemi
 Power Device - Winsemi
 Readymade Sensor Modules
 Resettable Fuses
 RF Modules
 Thermopile Sensors
About Us
When we see light at the end of the tunnel our mind senses a relief of safety, security and satisfaction. As in 21st century, with the help of high end technology, world is angling towards technical development and sensors' utilization in every place. Human desires to have high security in hectic working conditions and here we come in picture. We "Micro Impex" are the leading suppliers of industrial sensors and other electronic components with impetus on excellent quality. Our company was established in year 1994 by Mr. Hiten Rughani and Mr. Rakesh Khira who are very well experienced and professionals in providing quality sensors and electronic components in the industry.

Due to effects of economic liberalization and conducive nature of import and export facilities, in 1994 we ventured into sensors and electronic components market, full of energy to tap the widespread opportunity. Due to our unique business model, impeccable supply channel and excellent service, Micro Impex created an unchallenged market leadership and was able to explore various needs of its customers in the industry. We started importing sensors and electronic components from our valuable partners in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Netherlands. We have established our head office in Mumbai and created a very wide network in India to provide continuous supply to our customers.

The market for industrial sensors and electronic components has been on the rise since 1990's with the advent of technology ushering in an era of sophisticated appliances. Our firm was the result of an opportunity for supply of quality industrial sensors in the market, as seen by our founders. Within a global market expected to reach a worth of $91.5 billion by 2016 (courtesy BCC Research), we are carving our own space at a quick but stable pace in the domain of industrial sensors and electronic components.

Who we are?
Micro Impex has a reputed name in electronic sensors domain by serving the industry for more than 22 years now. Located in Mumbai we are the leading suppliers of industrial sensors & electronic components for automation with area of specialization in LED Drive Power & System Solutions. We insist on Integrity, Concern, Commitment, and Continuous Improvement to deliver quality products to meet and exceed customer expectations. Also we have active presence in countries like China, Hong Kong, Turkey and Canada which enable us to provide the best solution and new technology to our clients.

What we do?
We deal in:
LED Driver IC - Winsemi
Linear Constant Current
Power Device - Winsemi
Schottky Diode
Humidity Sensors - U.P.S.I(France)
Pressure Sensors - Smartec Sensor(Netherland)
Hall Sensors - Magesensor Techonology (MST)(U.S.A)
Reflective Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Flow Sensors
and many more
Thermopile sensor - Heimann Sensor - (Germany)
RF Modules
Readymade Modules (Gas, PIR, Smoke)
Resettable Fuses
Relays -Ningbo Helishun Electron Co. Ltd.(China)
Security Solution - D-vigilant

What our aims are?
To be the premier providers of world class sensors and electronic components in India
To provide holistic support to industrial automation with emphasis on cutting edge technology

What we believe in?
At Micro Impex, by establishing 4 pillars of business "Best Products, Dedicated People, Competitive Price and Consistent Performance", we believe in providing best quality sensors and electronic components to our valuable customers. Putting all efforts together, our aspirations are to provide the best service in the market while creating and sustaining our valuable brand.

Our perseverance and conviction has helped us travel miles to achieve goals. We follow a set of values for ethical growth.

We know our responsibility, help define real goals clearly, and seek the tools and authority needed to do what we say — with urgency, passion and energy.
Customer Focus
For internal and external customers, for today's and tomorrow's customers, for an old or a new product — we anticipate, understand, and meet or exceed expectations. We keep the customer satisfaction at the core of our business operations.
We do the right thing and place truth above self. Our internal and external relationships are based on trust and respect.
We care for the well-being of our clients as well as our employees.
Our proactive approach, alertness and quick response make us unique.
Continuous Improvement
Here at Micro Impex, we don't believe in stagnant success, rather, we work towards a continuous cycle of "improvement – re-evaluation – re-improvement".
Efficient Management
With a dedicated and effective management working at the foundation of the firm, we guarantee smooth operations and complete customer gratification.
Our relation with the client doesn't end with the sale of product, but goes beyond the call of duty in form of excellent after-sales support.

Work Culture
Our work culture reflects our values. Team work, passion and creativity abound in Micro Impex. Right from our Director to a newly recruited Trainee; we think, act and deliver as a single team, to achieve common goals. We encourage innovation at every step and place. Working together as a single unit helps us find newer ways and means of achieving our goals. And everyone is totally charged with the passion of achieving our goals, come what may.

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